Vegan shampoo bars

5 benefits of our vegan shampoo bars that you MUST know!

From the garden, to the bottle, to the bar.

Ditch the shampoo bottle for the shampoo bar! Our carefully formulated shampoo bars are made from gentle coconut surfactants to ensure you achieve the PH level effective for amazing hair care. Our rich foaming shampoo bars are guaranteed to leave your hair cleansed, conditioned and nourished. 

The best things come in small packages!

Our 60g shampoo bar provides the equivalent to two 250ml bottles of shampoo, meaning our little bar is small but mighty! In addition to cleansing, our bars condition your hair too, reducing the need for additional products, and the cost associated with these!

Rose Geranium shampoo bar

              Rose Geranium shampoo bar


Dalia Botanique says NO to plastic.

All our packaging is recyclable or reusable, including our labels which are created from recycled packaging.

Our shampoo bars completely remove the requirement for any plastic containers; meaning our shampoo bars protect both your hair and our environment.

In addition to this, our shampoo bars are formulated with less water in comparison to liquid shampoos. Not only do our shampoo bars contribute to saving water, reducing our overall impact on the environment, but they also ensure your hair receives purer and higher concentrated ingredients because they are not diluted with water, allowing the ingredients to work in their most potent form.

Multipurpose, multi-saving.

Stretch the life of your products and decrease the need for both shampoo and conditioner with our 2 in 1 formulated shampoo bars, our rich foaming bars not only cleanse but condition your hair with calming, strengthening and moisturising products.

Lavender shampoo bar

     Lavender shampoo bar

Cute and compact.

Our 60g packaged shampoo bar is perfect for keeping your bathroom looking tidy or simply popping your compact bar into your travel bag.

  Gray Clay and Rosemary shampoo bar

Nourished hair, nourished life.

Formulated using only natural, vegan and healthy ingredients, including jojoba oil, D-panthenol, and Rosemary- You don’t have to worry about the ingredients in your shampoo as you can be assured that they are all natural and nourishing.

Pippette with oil in

Dalia Botanique has created 3 varieties of scents; Rose Geranium, Lavender, and Gray Clay and Rosemary. Supporting your hair with growth, strengthening and protection. We guarantee there is a shampoo bar to meet all of your needs.

Visit Dalia Botanique to see our full range of natural, vegan skincare products.

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