A guide to using Dalia Botanique products

A guide to using Dalia Botanique products

Taking care of our skin is more than just for our appearance.

It is essential for our body’s health and we believe our products at Dalia Botanique that offer a holistic approach should have a front row seat in the skincare community!
Harvesting the power of botanicals to strengthen skin nourishment is only fun when you actually love the process. Bottling the essence of carefully curated flora inspired from our local gardens in Yorkshire, picks up its magic somewhere along the way and delivers it to you in the form of our cleanser serum, body oils and balms.

Huille Neteyonte-Oil to Milk Cleanser

Oil to milk cleanser surrounded by flowers

Oil to Milk Cleanser

This lightweight milky natural face cleansing oil will leave your skin smoother and energised. Wash the day away! Enjoy a beautifully scented ritual every morning and evening, while gently dissolving pollution, sunscreen and makeup. 

Apply two to three pumps to dry skin and massage in circular motions. Add a little bit of lukewarm water to create a light milk cleanser then rinse off or wipe away with a warm damp cloth.

Botanical Serum
Applying 2-3 drops onto your palms and gently working your way up from neck to face will establish the rejuvenating aroma of “Lunaria annua” and antioxidant-rich oils to your Senses.

Lunaria and Dalia Botanique serum

Our powerful blend can help promote cell regeneration and restore radiance through improved skin hydration, firmness and elasticity.
Now, for those who equally love spending time outdoors and skincare, our serum can be applied over a moisturiser and prior to a sunscreen lotion. While coenzyme Q10 combats ultraviolet ray damage, fast-absorbing rosehip oil maintains its luxurious texture. Truly one of its kind, serving all skin types!

Botanical Serum

Body Oils
A full skin care regimen not only includes prevention but also correction. Dalia’s answer to this fact was configured when we launched our body oils. Our pleasing range of natural botanical body oils can help repair and regenerate the appearance of your skin after being outdoors for hours. Applying these oils rich in evening primrose, shea, tomato seeds and calendula over slightly damp skin will help fix the appearance of sun damaged and stressed skin, if left to be fully absorbed.
CoQ10 and antioxidants do their job remarkably in this case as well! To top it off, a generous dose of squalene derived from olives is incorporated for maximum hydration when your spending long hours outside.

Image of exposed arm and hand applying Dalia Botanique Body Oil

        Body Oils

We also have the uplifting and energizing scents of Mandarin and Bergamot for the mornings, while delicately scented Rose Geranium and Lavender Blend can handle evenings and nights respectively!

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