The face serum for perfect, glowy skin!

The face serum for perfect, glowy skin!

What is a face serum?

Face serum is a product you apply following your cleanser but before your moisturiser to deliver a boost of natural ingredients directly to your skin.

Dalia Botanique’s botanical serum is a perfect mix of antioxidant oils inspired by beautiful meadows and botanicals, sourcing ingredients from the UK such as Lunaria Annua, which is extremely powerful in improving skin, hydration, firmness and elasticity. 

Organic facial oil in dropper bottle

Botanical Serum- £30

Why do you need a face serum?

Our powerful blend can help promote skin regeneration and restore radiance. Not only does it have these amazing benefits, but our serum creates a natural barrier from all weather functions- revitalising, soothing and moisturising your skin in the process.

Dalia Botanique’s serum is the perfect addition to your cleanser and moisturiser, allowing your skin to receive a boost of natural ingredients for healthier, glowing skin.

Due to our serum being made with ingredients such as Lunaria, White Poppy seed, CoQ10 and Borage Oil, it ensures a unique composition to treat tired and stressed skin, whilst other ingredients such as rosehip oil provides soothing qualities. Read more about our unique ingredients here:

Read what our lovely customers have to say about our serum. 

Where can you use serum?


Apply 2-3 drops to your skin or moisturiser each day, breathe in the citrus and floral scents as you massage into your face and neck using an upwards motion. This increases your blood flow ensuring your skin receives a boost of natural ingredients and plumps your skin. You can apply before or after your moisturiser and before sunscreen.  

Body & Hands

Not only is our serum perfect for your face, but also to give your body and hands that extra boost, revitalise and revise your tired skin by adding 2-3 drops to your body and hand lotion.

 How long does a bottle of serum last?

With only 2-3 drops needed per application, our 30ml serums are proven to last up to 3 months, depending on your usage. This essentially means the cost of adding our amazing skin serum into your skincare routine would cost only £10.00 per month! 

Try our new minis!

Our new 10 ml mini serum is a great option if you want to sample how good our serum is whilst also gaining a good idea of how long the 30ml bottle may last you.






   Check out our 10ml serum £10.00

Why choose Dalia Botanique?

Our products ignite the love of both nature and skin care. We have created nourishing products enriched with local ingredients sourced from beautiful meadows and wildflower botanicals. Our products are minimal, affordable but effective for your skincare routine with gentle, bee friendly ingredients to support skin with repairing from all weather damage.

We plant 1 tree with every order whilst also supporting UK agriculture by working with farms that supply our UK sourced ingredients. 

We ensure we support other family businesses by sourcing any ingredients we cannot find in the UK, such as Hibiscus, from women’s co-op in Africa.

We are organic, cruelty free and vegan; looking after your skin and the environment is our favourite thing to do.

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