Things you need to know about exfoliation in skincare

Things you need to know about exfoliation in skincare

Exfoliation in skincare recently featured in the media. It can be somewhat confusing to understand what is best for our skin when it comes to using scrubs.
Why should we exfoliate?
A good skin exfoliation routine buffs away dead skin cells and helps our skin look radiant and brighten our complexion.
How often should we exfoliate?
On average it is recommended to exfoliate around once a week.
The best types of exfoliation for face and body.
You don't need to look further than your kitchen to start with if you would like to make a up a natural face and body exfoliant.

Spoon in the middle of oats

A small handful of oats whizzed up in the blender and mixed with a natural oil like coconut/almond/apricot/grapeseed is fine to start with. Oats are incredibly soothing for the skin.

You may choose to add in a small teaspoon of honey too. Alternatively blend with a small teaspoon size of our botanical oil to milk cleanser. Massage into the skin using gentle upwards strokes. It's tempting to massage in hard thinking this will be better for our skin, but the risk is we may cause micro-tears. Wash off and rinse using a warm (not scalding) wash cloth.

A nice finish to either this face or body exfoliation is to follow with our Botanical face serum or our Body Oils

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