Dalia’s number 1; Botanical Cleansing oil

Dalia’s number 1; Botanical Cleansing oil

Cleansed and clear skin

A skin cleanser is quite literally the making OR the breaking (out) of your skin. That’s IF you don’t have an amazing cleanser, or use the correct one for your skin type.

Luckily for you, Dalia Botanique has created a perfectly formatted cleanser; suitable for all skin types, including oily, dry, sensitive and combination skin.

Whilst researching products when creating our own cleanser, we found many cleansers left skin feeling stripped of moisture. This can create extreme dryness, forms of acne and can even cause the appearance of ageing.

But, our cleansing oil is kind and gentle, consisting of Raspberry seed, Moringa, Oat and Hibiscus oils with the perfect consistency  transforming into a luxurious creamy texture upon contact with water. 

Image of a Oil to milk natural cleanser in a aluminium bottle   Huile Nettoyante-Cleansing Oil

Our cleansing oil is a powerful botanical blend that leaves your skin perfectly clean, moisturised and gives off an energetic glow. It comes in a 150ml bottle, or alternatively, you can order a 50ml bottle to try it out for yourself before you invest in the rest! (You won’t be disappointed!

How to use our cleanser:

Use as a daily cleanser; day and night.

Apply a small amount to your fingers and gently apply to the skin. Enjoy a beautifully scented ritual every morning and evening as you dissolve any pollution, sunscreen, dirt and makeup from your skin. 

Makeup removal!

Use our cleansing oil to remove makeup instantly! As the oil is gently rubbed into your face with the tips of your fingers, the product gently melts away any makeup and products. Simply wipe with a warm soothing face cloth and have instant clean and brighter skin.

Environmentally friendly – as always!

Our packaging is 100% recyclable and comes with a choice of lids to reuse your bottle after your cleanser is used up.

All ingredients are naturally sourced from beautiful botanicals and organic farms. We also include upcycled zero waste ingredients like Raspberries and Grapefruit seed from the food and drink industry. These are then processed into cold pressed oils.

Image of Raspberries and Olives.


Save our planet with us

One tree is planted for every order! We help your beautiful skin whilst also building a beautiful forest together.

Read about how we restore your skin and our planet here.

Our Botanical Ingredients and all of their benefits:

  • Our emulsifier (the ingredient that turns the product milky) is made in Yorkshire, it's palm free, and naturally derived from sunflower seed oil.
  • Our Hibiscus, also included in our amazing Botanical Serum, contains naturally occurring enzymes that provide a very gentle and natural exfoliation.
  • Grapefruit oil - again acts as a natural exfoliant and is great for cleansing the skin whilst helping to smooth the appearance of skin.
  • Moringa oil helps your skin’s hydration, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and overall and provides healing elements, soothing inflammation and improving the appearance of skin.

See what other customers have said about our cleansing oil or read a full overview of our products here!

From the garden, to the bottle, to your skincare cupboard.

Dalia Botanique is guaranteed to meet all of your skincare needs.

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