Dalia Botanique’s Guide to Nourish and Protect skin: Essential Summer Skincare Tips

Dalia Botanique’s Guide to Nourish and Protect skin: Essential Summer Skincare Tips

Huile Nettoyante Cleansing Oil  

Start your day with a burst of our refreshing cleanser, which greets you with a bright citrus scent and soft milky texture; awakening your senses and leaving your skin revitalised.
At the end of the day, it effortlessly dissolves pollution, SPF and makeup, leaving your skin clean and ready to embrace the evening.

Dalia Botanique cleanser on a log in the forest

Chamomile and Calendula Hand Cream 

Our nourishing hand cream is a lifesaver, providing deep hydration for your skin during warm weather. Our mini version is conveniently sized to accompany you wherever you go, fitting perfectly in your jacket or beach bag! Keep your hands silky smooth by reapplying throughout the day.

Botanical Serum

Our serum is the perfect addition to your skincare routine this summer. It moisturises your skin while also forming a natural barrier against all weather conditions. With a perfect blend of rich fatty acids to promote cell regeneration and restore radiance, along with the power of Lunaria Annua, sourced from UK farms, this serum promotes hydration, firmness, and elasticity to truly repair and restore your skin from sun damage. This is the perfect serum for those of you who plan to spend their days outdoors.

Body Oils

Embrace the uplifting and energising scents of Dalia Botanique’s body oils, which are full of nourishing properties for your skin. Enjoy those warm summer nights with our Rose Geranium Body Oil, which combines CoQ10, tomato seed oil, and shea nut oil for skin repair and rejuvenation after a day in the sun, or fall into a blissful sleep with our Lavender and Ylang Ylang Body Oil. Simply apply it to slightly damp skin after a shower, allowing its powerful ingredients to work their magic overnight. 


Dalia Botanique does not currently offer an SPF product, but this does not mean SPF is not the most important part of any skincare routine! Dalia promotes the use of all products in addition to SPF face and SPF body lotion. 

Dalia herself tested a new SPF this morning during her morning run. This SPF is a lightweight, vegan-friendly formula, perfect for the outdoors. Plus, it comes in eco-friendly, recyclable packaging- Sounds Dalia Botanique worthy to us!

Please note: All products created by Dalia do not replace the importance or need for SPF to protect you against UV rays and sun damage.

You can watch the SPF video for more information here.

Experience the ultimate summer skincare routine with Dalia Botanique’s refreshing and nourishing essentials. Embrace the season with a protective and healthy glow that lasts all summer.

At Dalia Botanique, skincare is more than just ingredients; it’s a story of passion and originality. We carefully select the finest botanicals from UK farms, dedicating the same care and effort as we do to our skin. With our natural skincare products, you enjoy the benefits of multi-purpose usage, eliminating the need for multiple products.

Shop our products here and receive 15% off your first order!

Let us continue to bring the beauty of the garden to your bottle.

Thank you for your custom- we appreciate you supporting Dalia Botanique.

Dalia x

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