Natural Beauty & Pro Ageing

Natural Beauty & Pro Ageing

Why did I want to write about Pro Ageing?

Hi, My Name is Dalia; Owner and Creator of Dalia Botanique.
I was inspired to write about my products and how they support Pro Ageing and Natural Beauty after I was 'trolled' online.

I was taken by surprise initially, this was the first time I had received any sort of negative feedback online. Understandably, I was upset and annoyed!
WHO are you Ric!?

BUT, I came to realise, Ric had every right to question the image I posted of myself.
It can be difficult to believe that good skincare can really help with pro ageing, right!? At times, living in a online world with filters and anti-ageing products available on the market can really influence these opinions, and no one is to blame for this! People can choose to use and feel however they like.
This experience encouraged me to continue to show my authentic self. Yes, I'm 41, Fortunately, I do have healthy, hydrated and plump skin- but I DO also have some natural fine lines, as we ALL do, or will do eventually, and I think that's beautiful. I will never state my products are 'Anti-ageing', because they're not, and that isn't what I was ever working towards.
My products are Pro Ageing and made with Nature and Love- The perfect combination.
Thanks to Ric and human curiosity; discussions with others were created, New customers were introduced to me and my brand, and this whole negative experience, actually became a huge positive for my brand; Dalia Botanique.
It led to increased customers, increased Website visits (700+ in fact!) and a huge increase in orders!
I am SO thankful, this experience has provided me with the opportunity to show the real me, my ethos and Values!
That being, MY passion and LOVE for healthy and looked after skin.



Botanical Serum

Dalia Botanique's botanical serum is a perfect mix of antioxidant oils inspired by beautiful meadows and botanicals. Our powerful blend can help promote cell regeneration and restore radiance through improved skin hydration, firmness and elasticity.
Our hero ingredient is Lunaria Annua. In the UK it is more commonly known as ‘honesty’ and its attractive pink, violet and white coloured flowers are extremely powerful in improving skin hydration, firmness and elasticity.
You can read more about our beautiful serum here.

Body Oils

Our beautiful range of natural Botanical Body Oils can help repair and regenerate your skin after being outdoors.
Evening Primrose, Shea Oil, Tomato seed and Calendula oil are renowned to help calm the appearance of sun damaged and stressed skin, whilst Coenzyme Q10, provides vital antioxidants and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines.


Check out Dalia Botanique's guide of products to help you decide which products are perfect for you and your needs.

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