Recommended essential winter skincare

Recommended essential winter skincare

Essential winter skin care products we recommend

Avoid the havoc that winter brings to your skin with these tips and recommended products from Dalia Botanique, essential to be in your winter survival kit this year!

Why is winter skincare important?

The cold winter days can really affect our skin, whether it’s your face, body or your hands, your skin will most definitely feel the wrath of those colder days and nights.

During Winter, we’re either outside feeling the frost, or inside feeling the warmth, right? But did you know, those warm environments quite literally, suck the moisture from your skin?

This can cause problems such as damaged skin; including dry skin and chapped lips. It’s important to keep hydrated with water and continue wearing your SPF during other seasons, of course, but we also need a little help in addition to this. Luckily for you, Dalia Bontanique has the perfect solution! 

A woman applying hand cream.

The main key to ensuring your skin is protected, is not only hydration, but to Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise!

We often associate moisturising with the glorious sunshine, but we’re here to tell you, it’s just as important during those colder months!

Check out our recommended products this Winter!

Lip and body balm

Our nourishing lip and body balm with cocoa, and oils such as hemp and monoi de tahiti. This multi-purpose balm is perfect for applying to both your lips and skin.

We recommend you use this before and after being outdoors to help protect skin from the elements, and apply to any dry patches on your body.

Image of a lip balm in an alumininium tin on a dark piece of wood

Cocoa and Monoi Lip and Body Balm

Botanical Serum

Our amazing Botanical serum, made with Lunaria Annua flowers which are proven to be extremely powerful in improving skin hydration. Add a few drops to your daily moisturiser and hand creams and your skin is guaranteed to feel luxuriously moisturised, creating a natural barrier function from all weather conditions, all year round. Our serum is suitable for all skin types, and perfect for those who enjoy the outdoors!

Image of a pipette on a mirror with some serum in

Botanical Serum

Body Oil

Our range of body oils are enriched with essential antioxidants and vitamins with powerful skin soothing extracts to repair and protect skin against environmental elements, providing a wonderfully natural soft skin feel, whilst locking in moisture. Perfect for a winter pamper!

Our oils come in 3 fragrances;  Mandarin and Bergamot, Rose Geranium, and Lavender and Ylang Ylang. Our scents are uplifting are energising to boost your mood- making those cold mornings  Rose Geranium body oil and dark nights feel a little easier.

Rose Geranium Body Oil


Why Dalia Botanique?

A seasonal wardrobe may be needed, but you definitely won’t need a seasonal skin care routine with us! Dalia Botanique’s products are perfectly kind, protective and moisturising for your skin, during every season.

There’s no need to switch up the products you use with our bespoke range as they cater for all skin types, all year round. 

Image of body oils and serum in a line with a flower arched over

Our products ignite the love of both nature and skin care. We have created nourishing products enriched with local ingredients sourced from beautiful meadows and wildflower botanicals. Our products are minimal, affordable but effective for your skincare routine with gentle, bee friendly ingredients to support skin with repairing from all weather damage.


The best part is, you receive 15% off your first order when you head over to our website.

White shampoo bar

You can also shop our other natural, vegan, handmade products, such as our NEW shampoo bars!

You can read all about them and their amazing benefits here.

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