Dear wonderful women- here is my story

Dear wonderful women- here is my story

On March 8th, we are celebrating women’s Equality, Achievements and Success- all over the world.

I want to celebrate today, as a female business owner, and share my story about how my business was created.

How did Dalia Botanique start?

Pre covid I ran a successful massage business in Leeds. I was selling my brand of massage oils and started venturing into skincare after customers reported how much they were loving my products.

In 2020 everything changed, as it did for us all when Covid sadly arrived. I remember joking to my clients at the time, "Ah it will probably only last one week and I’ll be seeing you again in a few days!".

'Me offering sports massage at a local race'.

Little did I know how much my life would change forever, in only a matter of a few days.

As businesses shut down, so did I - I went into shock, for several days refreshing the news, not believing what I was reading.
Due to the sudden pandemic, I had no choice but to move out of my flat. The flat that I loved dearly and had called home for 10 years. I had to, because I would have struggled to afford the rent if I carried on living there. 

What did I do?

I moved in with my other half so I could have some financial stability after my income was slashed. I had to claim Universal Credit as I had NO income. I sat, and wondered, what on earth was going to happen next?

Whilst the world baked banana bread and embraced lockdown DIY; I decided to tackle my partner’s garden which was a hot bed of overgrown weeds.

It had been a dream of mine to have my own garden one day, so I could grow my own fruit, vegetables and flowers- Tackling my partner's garden was the perfect opportunity to embrace the outdoors and build new, positive habits- in the midst of negativity and change.

At this particular time, I had also discovered some wonderful skincare schools offering educational courses. I decided to take a financial risk and invested in teaching myself all about the best, natural, organic skincare formulation - Knowing many of my customers had already asked me about expanding my massage and skincare range, I wanted to explore this further.

An image of Borage-Starflower

'The first ever Borage (Staflower) I grew. It inspired my Serum'.

Where did this love for skincare come from?

I have loved making balms for friends and family ever since I was a young girl. I remember collecting rose petals, Lavender and Chamomile from the family garden and making hair rinses with my Grandma. Through her teachings, I recognised that many of the wild flowers I was growing in my garden, such as Borage and Calendula, had wonderful skincare properties.

I spent many long lockdown days exploring the wild meadows on my doorstep- in the countryside of Yorkshire, discovering Lunaria and wild Poppies; both of which now also feature in my products!

I now have a successful skincare business, creating perfect combinations of botanicals to provide natural, organic, skin care products- perfect for all skin types.

You can read about them here and can follow Dalia Botanique on Facebook and Instagram to see our behind the scene reel.

'Even as I child I enjoyed exploring meadows'

How did Botanical become Botanique?

My name is Dalia and I LOVE Dhalias. I wanted to give my business a French Influence due to my French roots and my mother’s excellent skin, so, Botanical became Botanique.

From then, Dalia Botanique was born.

How is it being a female business owner?

Honestly, It’s been a rollercoaster. Starting a business is always difficult, especially during a pandemic! Naturally, there have been extreme highs and extreme lows. Last summer my sales were so low, I thought I was going to have to close my business. I gave myself a few months to turn it around and now we are having the best few months! (You can read about how my sales surprisingly increased last month here, I promise it’s worth a read!)

Anything can happen with determination and passion.

Thanks to everyone who supports me!

Happy International Women’s Day, 2023!

Today, we are celebrating women taking risks, women kicking ass, women overcoming challenges, women loving their passions unconditionally and unapologetically and embracing life!

We are celebrating YOU!

Every woman deserves equality, happiness, and success. 

Whatever that may look like for you.

How will Dalia Botanique support International Women’s Day?

To celebrate Dalia Botanique will donate profits to purchasing sanitary products for local foodbanks. Every woman, in every part of the world, internationally, should have the freedom to access sanitary products.

You can browse our products on our website and if you enjoyed reading this blog, visit our blog page to discover more.

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